Wells are use in the lab and diagnostics to store and to dose liquids substances to 96, 384 or 1.536 well plates. In this case a specific Well was designed out of a PP with an extreme high MVR (Melt Volume-Flow Rate) to have a good filling of the injection molding tool and a fast cycle time. In addition, a 96 Well Plate was designed to clip in the specific well into a plate system.

For the Wells a 1-cavity prototype injection molding tool and afterwards serval 4-cavity tools for series production were built to test the performance of the wells and to fulfill the market demands.

Since the demand for the 96 Well Plate were not so high, a 1-cavity mold with a hot runner and a needle valve gate to gate the part directly was built based on an extended mold flow simulation by the tool maker. In addition, in this project an automatic assembly cell with a turntable and SCARA robot was designed and manufactured to equip the 96 Well Plate with the specific wells in an automatic process. To complete the project, all tools and the assembly cell have been qualified and all processes have been validated to fulfill the requirements.

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